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Hiring in UK Picks Up Despite Skills Shortage

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According to KPMG and The Recruitment and Employment Confederationhiring in the UK is picking up and more permanent jobs are created. Still, staff availability is still dropping keeping pay pressure high.

Market researcher Markit, in their latest “Report on Jobs” in the UK revealed that permanent staff placements increased from 61.3 in June to 64.9 this past month.

The study showed that temporary/contract staff billings likewise slightly increased to 63 in July, up from 62.2 in the previous month.

A number higher than 50 indicates a higher number of placements/billings as compared to last month.
The CEO of the REC, Kevin Green in a public statement: “The UK’s post-recession problem is skill and talent shortages. “The economy is going to be constrained by this ongoing talent crisis if employers keep doing business as usual. Hirers need to take on more young people and train and develop their employees like never before.”