How to Find a CBT Therapist in London

Cognitive behavioural therapy or short CBT has shown to be an effective therapy for many mental conditions, ranging from depression and anxiety to sleeping troubles, eating disorders and many more.

Because of that, it is no surprise that increasingly more patients today are looking into cognitive behavioural therapy when they want to overcome their problems and mental struggles.

CBT Therapists: Public Vs. Private

In the United Kingdom, there are two ways of how you can get a therapist for cognitive behavioural therapy: You can get a therapist via the public healthcare system or you can choose a private CBT therapist. A private CBT therapist can have several advantages:

  • You can choose a properly accredited CBT therapist that has experience and expertise. This isn’t necessarily always the case if you get a therapist through the NHS.
  • A private CBT therapist will accommodate to your schedule and not the other way around as with a therapist assigned from the NHS. This can be important if you’re on a schedule at work or at home.
  • Several private CBT therapists don’t just offer traditional face-to-face therapy but are also offering cognitive behavioural therapy sessions online via the internet.

If you want to learn about getting private cognitive behavioural therapists in the UK, you should visit London CBT. They have plenty of helpful resources so you can easily get a good CBT therapist in London. For more information, you also see the NHS website at