How Electronic Invoicing Can Help Your Business Save Time

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One of the best and most effective ways to help you save time and money for your business can be if you use electronic invoicing.

You save time with e-invoices since you won’t need to send your paper invoices with regular mail.

Your E-invoice can be sent instantly and there is no waiting required until they are processed.

You save time with e-invoices since you don’t need to operate a mail room that would otherwise be needed if you operate a large business with a good number of invoices on a daily basis.

You will also save time with electronic invoices since there is no need to manually type or scan-in invoice data from your paperwork into your accounting system.

You save time with electronic invoicing since it helps to avoid mistakes. Less mistakes on your invoices mean less time needed to find and correct inconsistencies.

You save time with electronic invoicing since the management of electronic invoices is a lot easier as compared to normal invoices. All your data is easily accessible and manageable from one central place.

In addition to the above time savings that come with e-invoice you can also save money.

You save money not needing extra staff to operate a mail room.

You save money because of less mistakes that could occur from transferring your invoice data.

You save money by not having to pay for postage for your invoices.

Overall, electronic invoices has so many benefits that any business, no matter what size can benefit from it. It is also affordable and the switch to e-invoices can be done easily.

If You’re A Singer or Musician

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The field of what’s known as “surprise music” can be a rather interesting career you could look at if you are an entertainer, in addition or singer.

Getting into this industry can also be interesting for bands.

Why dabble making rather little money with your band or as a singer singing at birthday parties or wedding receptions when you can choose to get into the surprise music field which is usually a lot more profitable?

A good example for their popularity and the success of surprise entertainment in the United Kingdom are The Singing Waiters.

As highly qualified entertainers and singers who come from the best music schools in the United Kingdom, the singing waiters have quickly realised how surprise entertainment is currently all the hype.

They are now offering musical entertainment as singing waiters but likewise perform other, highly popular acts and entertainment such as flash mobs.  Their success has made them one of the number one choices as for corporate entertainment in the UK today.

Both of those above fields, singing waiters and flash mobs are very high in demand today and the pay is above average compared to a standard band or DJ. This can be an interesting option for all those who want to make a little money on the side during study but it can also be a promising career path to take. Especially performing at a high class entertainment level for corporate entertainment can be rather profitable.

You can read all about the singing waiters at their website The Singing Waiters. There you can get an impression about what they do and how it’s done right.

On Apprenticeships In The UK

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is anything but easy. This is not any different in any other field when people are searching for employment today.

One thing you can and should do to greatly increase your chances on the UK’s employment market is to try to get an apprenticeship.

Getting an apprenticeship is a lot easier in the UK since employers are more willing to hire an apprentice as compared to a full-time employee.

However, the biggest advantage with apprenticeships are at the side of the apprentice:

Retail apprenticeships allow you to obtain invaluable work experience. With a retail apprenticeship on your CV you can greatly increase your chances to get hired after your apprenticeship.

Today, potential employers may entirely ignore graduates that apply for a position, no matter how good their grades are. In retail, first-hand experience is amongst the most important traits you can have to increase your hiring chances.

How do you find apprenticeships in London?

If you’re reading this, you already have all resources on hand to be able to quickly find apprenticeships in retail or any other career. All you need to do is go on the internet and visit websites that list open apprenticeships in the London area. One of those sites that I can recommend is Career Map. In the same way as you would look for a normal job, it allows you to see many available apprenticeship vacancies in the UK.

Are you intending to start a great career in retail, IT or any other interesting field in the United Kingdom? Don’t lose time and look into apprenticeships as soon as you’re out of school. This will be your first step to a bright future. Apprenticeships provide many benefits for job searchers and employers and this is why I can recommend them to you!

On Fire Safety For Businesses

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As a present business owner or in case you’re looking to become one, safety should be one of your main priorities. With proper  safety measures in place at your business you can greatly reduce the risks of injuries and bodily harm for your staff and for yourself.

Fire Safety & Prevention For Businesses

In regards to commercial structures in the UK, a business owner must know about the British fire safety regulations.

In England and Wales, if you’re an employer, owner, landlord or occupier of business you’re responsible for fire safety and are known as the ‘responsible person’.

Let me go over some of those responsibilities you will have:

* You are obliged to carry out and regularly review a fire risk assessment of the premises

* You need to tell your employees about the risks you’ve identified

* You must put in place and maintain, appropriate fire safety measures

* You must plan for an emergency

* You must provide fire safety instruction and training

Along with the above responsibilities come other obligations.

For instance, should your commercial building exceed a height of 18 meters you will be required to put-in a dry riser system and have it maintained properly with regular dry riser testing.

In the UK, no business can operate legally without having adhered to the mandatory rules for fire safety. On the website you can learn what you need to do for proper fire safety and prevention in your premises.

Find Out What Your Degree Is Worth

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If you have a degree it’s likely you will earn £500,000 more during your life compared with those who did not go to university.

A study conducted by Adzuna found that those without a degree can expect to earn £15,000 less a year when they start their career as compared to those who graduated.

As seen over an entire career,the difference in earnings will add up to about one half a million pounds, the study finds.

The best salaries today can be had with degrees in engineering, computer science and maths. At the lower end of the income scale for those with degrees are studies in hospitality and tourism.

Back in June, there were 54,206 jobs available in the UK to degree holders. On average there are 4.38 applicants per vacancy.

Independent Schools Can Increase Your Chances On The Job Market

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There are many reasons why parents in the UK could choose to have their children educated in a private school. But the most noteworthy benefit of private schooling is that it can greatly increase the chances of your child to get a better job.

In a recent study it had been shown that pupils in independent schools may be earning as much as £200,000 more as compared to those children in the public school system.

It had also been found that children coming from private schools are normally more frequently accepted into better universities.

Based on those findings it can clearly be said that private schools are the better alternative if you want the best future for your children.

Finding a suitable private school in the UK

Not all independent and private schools in the UK are the same. There can be variations in what a school can offer your children, not only in terms of what classes are taught but also in regards to what a school offers on extracurricular activities. Some schools may also be better when it comes to teaching religious values, this can also be a criterion for some families.

It is recommended that you research private schools before you make such an important choice for your children. Many schools have websites available where you can get a quick, first impression about what they offer. Once you found a school that may be suitable, schedule an appointment where you can ask them all questions you may have. Don’t hesitate and compare several schools side-by-side.

Today, private schools in the UK are not only for the wealthy any longer. You can ask the private school you have in mind whether they offer financing options to take off some of the financial burden.

If you live in the Hertfordshire area, look into independent school Hertfordshire, a school that has an excellent philosophy. On their private school Hertfordshire website you can read more about it.

Hiring in UK Picks Up Despite Skills Shortage

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According to KPMG and The Recruitment and Employment Confederationhiring in the UK is picking up and more permanent jobs are created. Still, staff availability is still dropping keeping pay pressure high.

Market researcher Markit, in their latest “Report on Jobs” in the UK revealed that permanent staff placements increased from 61.3 in June to 64.9 this past month.

The study showed that temporary/contract staff billings likewise slightly increased to 63 in July, up from 62.2 in the previous month.

A number higher than 50 indicates a higher number of placements/billings as compared to last month.
The CEO of the REC, Kevin Green in a public statement: “The UK’s post-recession problem is skill and talent shortages. “The economy is going to be constrained by this ongoing talent crisis if employers keep doing business as usual. Hirers need to take on more young people and train and develop their employees like never before.”